15 Oct 2020

Initially published by cashmoney I thought you are a lesbian?: confused:

Initially published by cashmoney I thought you are a lesbian?: confused:

WTF. We never ever stated I became a lesbian. I recently posted in protection of 110per cent genuine women that are bisexual the “Girls that are Trendy Bisexual” thread. Show me personally where we stated I became a lesbian.

We’m pretty certain this has recently been covered, but I am too sluggish to see through the thread and whatnot, so here is my $. 02 anyhow.

The thing that is biggest we find irritating about all women whom date Navy guys is the fact that they piss and groan when their dudes have died. Um, you wanted to be with this guy HELLO you chose the package deal when. There isn’t any suitable for you become whining on that level. Yes, there are days whenever it sucks simply because they’re gone sometimes for the or so, or if you’re unlucky they go on cruise for 6-8 months week. But, in the event that you want things to operate and you also worry about that man, draw it and locate one thing effective regarding some time. And also by all means, FORWARD THEM PACKAGES COVERED WITH CHEESY STICKERS AND THESE. They love that shit. Yeah, they may get crap from people they know, but those other guys are only jealous they aren’t getting mail.

I am lucky that Mr. Bunny and I also met when they got in from their Med cruise about four weeks ago and then he never ever has gett to return back off to sea once more like this (unless some unexpected freak accident occurs. God assist all of us if it will). I acquired happy with this and I also can handle him duty that is having view being gone for a couple times at any given time. Having that point aside is great for all of us, so we appreciate the occasions that people do get to pay together. It requires another type of strain of woman up to now a man that is military. Not everybody may do it.

**side note: I’m sure waaaaay too numerous dudes whose marriage rings are sitting when you look at the base associated with ocean, from the shore of some area within the Med because their wives began fights over e-mail and whatnot for petty shit plus they wound up screwing by by themselves over because “it simply could not wait. ” Certainly one of my friend that is closest’s spouses emailed him telling him she desired a divorce or separation. Now that certain had been a shocker for me, but evidently it occurs on a regular basis. This business do not have it simple plus they simply want to get back, therefore unless it is quite crucial, never choose arguments together with them as they’re gone. Rather than state you need to end the connection over e-mail, cuz half the time if the guy gets right back your ex changes her brain, but it is far too late because he is had ample time and energy to contemplate it in the exact middle of the nowhere to get over her. Okay, i am stepping down my soapbox now. **

I dated a Naval Aviator for a amount that is fair of.

They do go very quickly.

And then the military man is not for you if you need constant reinforcement.

Personnel cannot let you know what is happening, but you can be told by them the way they are performing via their tone in the e-mail.

Many of them lie as to what they actually do for reasons uknown. That could lead some ladies to imagine a girl is had by them at each slot.

Nevertheless the thing that is biggest about dating Navy, is you do just that–you date the NAVY. The whole Navy.

A few of the troops have actually sites. You can examine them away to provide you with a notion of just exactly just what their team is assume to complete waplog dating site.

When your Navy-man–or Marine-man is psycho–as some do keep coming back with psychological issues, it is possible to alert the EX-O’s workplace or the JAG use that is office–but as a final resort as you are certain to get rid of one’s man that way–fast–it continues on their record permenently as well as the Military will not simply just take kindly compared to that chit and certainly will cause Court Marshalling (sp? ) procedures become enacted. Therefore the method things are now actually, accidents can occur.

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however the biggest thing about dating Navy, is the fact that you do just that–you date the NAVY. The whole Navy.

I experienced a girlfriend whom did exactly that, actually! Well, not the Navy that is entire the aviation community. We accustomed call her “Lynette” following the chick that is slutty “An Officer and a Gentleman”.

Ultimately, she found some bad man whom married her.

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I experienced a gf whom did exactly that, actually! Well, maybe not the whole Navy; simply the aviation community. We accustomed call her “Lynette” following the slutty chick in “An Officer and a Gentleman”.

Ultimately, she found some guy that is poor married her.

My relative had a pal whom virtually slept with everybody in the quad that is same Schofield.

Nobody wants to be referred to as “Barracks Whore”.

Before Brady (remember him? ) I told myself I would never date a serviceman. Look exactly exactly what took place.: rolleyes: going right on through those months of their implementation was in extra. I’m not sure exactly how many times I PMed KR when I possessed a temporary joy session at the shopping mall.: D I do not think i possibly could ever date or marry anybody within the solution once more. We state that now, however you never understand what is going to take place. I would meet Lt. Hottie McHottie the next day.: confused:

I can not stay being around my cousin along with her buddies since they purposely try to find armed forces males during the groups.: rolleyes: I like my Caucasian males. However you discover how difficult its to get one out of Hawai`i that isn’t into the military?

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He’s underwater the entire time. Not docking anywhere to obtain in difficulty with a few Thai hookers: p )

Leave the Thai hookers outta this. Absolutely absolutely Nothing incorrect with some exotic lovin. Per hour. Lol

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Before Brady (remember him? ) We told myself We’d never date a serviceman. Look just just what took place.: rolleyes: going right through those months of their implementation was excessively. I’m not sure just how many times I PMed KR once I possessed a happiness that is temporary at the shopping center.: D

I recall that; and that will make ME check out the shopping center in a show of solidarity. Sympathy shopping, since it were!: )

We wonder if Kate Spade continues to be making a revenue as you split up with Brady.: confused: