Gravel Bikes: The Road Less Traveled

In the beginning, virtually any bike built was a gravel bike; if you were to get anywhere beyond a 19th century city’s center you’d be on gravel. A century later, as gravel had fully surrendered to asphalt and skinny tires were mounted beneath skinny cyclists, the dual-purpose bicycle gave way to the road-specific road bike […]

The Retiring Terry Box…Is Not Retiring

If you were a regular reader of the Dallas Morning News over the last 25 years, you know that its auto beat was covered by the paper’s automotive editor, Terry Box. Managing those responsibilities, ranging from GM’s Arlington plant to area dealer associations and – more recently – the relocation of Toyota’s North American headquarters […]

BMW’s Born-Again 3 Series: Seventh time is a charm

It’s hard to remember today, some 45 years later, just how mind-blowing BMW’s introduction of the 3 Series was to the BMW community in the mid-‘70s. Worshiping – as they were – in a temple comprised of upright bodywork, expansive glass and almost no refinement, the all-new 3 Series looked as if design work had […]

The DFW Auto Show: SUVs

If you’ve spent the last decade traversing sub-Saharan Africa – or been part of a research project in Antarctica – you may have missed it. Otherwise, you know that today’s family car is no longer a car. It is, instead, a car-based crossover, invariably built by Honda, Nissan or Toyota. And if needing further proof, […]

The DFW Auto Show: Trucks

There’s never been a Car of Texas. We’ve long had – courtesy of the Texas Auto Writers Association – a Truck of Texas, and this group has given an occasional shout-out to a deserving car, but never has it been described as the ‘Car of Texas’. And if you go back a few, you’ll remember […]

The DFW Auto Show: Cars

Coincidental with what automotive marketing teams dub the ‘Spring Selling Season’ is the DFW Auto Show, held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison (Dallas) Convention Center from Wednesday, March 27 through Sunday, March 31st. It’s not – as you already know – Geneva, Frankfurt or Los Angeles, but if you’re tired of shopping – or salivating […]

Most Collectibles Are Cool – Fiat’s 124 Spider is Quietly Cool

It was, I think, the summer of 1967, and Fiat’s all-new 124 Spider was the cover subject of Road & Track. If, like me, you had taken mental ownership of MGs, Triumphs and Healeys over the years, the new Fiat offering was decidedly different. Instead of an agriculture four (or Healey’s six) with pushrods running […]

Tesla Shutters Its Showrooms…Or How I Bought a Car In My Pajamas

If, between ten and twenty years ago, you had been hanging in the better zip codes of Houston or Dallas, you know that the number of big Benzes and BMWs could look like an infestation; you were literally swarmed – and again, this was in the better zip codes – by drivers behind the wheel […]

Flirting With Disaster: Triumph Offers a More Serious Scrambler

Whether shopping for a bicycle or motorcycle, today’s marketplace seems all about the gravel. A growing number of riders believe that when the road ends, the ride shouldn’t. And to that end, more manufacturers are attempting to satisfy this need with motorcycles designed to handle the road less traveled, even as those gravel roads becomes […]

Collector Car Trends – As Reported by Barrett-Jackson

While the collectible car hobby doesn’t predate the car industry, given its front-and-center status among car enthusiasts you might think it had. Of course, what had been a small niche in the ‘50s and ‘60s has grown exponentially since the ‘70s, driven largely by the tastes of Baby Boomers and the booming growth in their […]

Geneva’s Auto Show – True Neutrality

Any number of auto shows around the world bear the tagline ‘International’. But most of those international forums are typically more nationalistic; Frankfurt beats its German chest, while Paris remains decidedly French. And you know, of course, what Detroit does: It invariably dances the displacement game to a Motown soundtrack. The exception is Geneva, where […]

At the Newsstand

Today, with most – if not all – information online (or there at your elbow, with Alexa) it’s hard to remember a time when a magazine’s arrival at the newsstand was met with real anticipation. And this was especially true as the fall issues arrived, with new models front and center. You could count on […]

Rooted in Dallas: Journalist Steven Cole Smith

It was in 1988 that this writer, then managing a Lotus showroom in Plano (TX), reached out to Steve Smith. At that time, Steve was writing for the Dallas Times-Herald, covering both television and the auto industry. Steve generously took my call, listened to the pitch and agreed to test drive Lotus’ Turbo Esprit. And […]

News of Diesel’s Death is Decidedly Premature

In the wake of what quickly became known as Dieselgate, when Volkswagen became embroiled in a global emissions scandal involving its diesel drivetrains and their certification, you could reasonably assume that new diesel drivetrains, as well as the continued sale of diesels already in the marketplace, were DOA. In reporting by the D.C.- based Diesel […]

IndyCar at Circuit of the Americas

It’s been almost a decade since the Circuit of the Americas, on acreage southeast of Austin, took the first steps toward its construction. This spring, as it adds its first IndyCar race to the COTA calendar, it takes another significant step in becoming one of the dominant motorsport venues in the United States. IndyCar, of […]

Chicago Auto Show: That New Car Smell, Blowin’ In The Wind

The Chicago Auto Show, which has historically been ‘up’ on the show calendar within a few weeks of Detroit’s, has built its own distinct brand based on available show space (the McCormick Convention Center is HUGE), decent media participation and a few notable intros from those OEMs not wanting to blow their budget at the […]

Live! From Milwaukee: Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire eBike

In the year of Harley-Davidson’s founding – 1903 – electric automobiles looked to be the go-to solution for intown motorists with necessarily short commutes. But then, at the dawn of the 20th century most commutes were short; the reliability of gas-powered machinery was suspect and the ‘burbs had yet to be invented. And so it’s […]

Book it: Matt Stone’s Hot Rod Empire

Even in the depleted magazine sections of most grocery stores (don’t even try the typical drug store), you can still count on Motor Trend Group’s Hot Rod, launched in 1948, and Motor Trend – introduced in 1949 – to be on that depleted shelf. Both mags were born in the fuel-infused excitement of postwar California, […]

Shelby’s All-New GT500 – A Pinnacle for the Ponycar

Wall Street may be doing its best impression of a seismograph, while California vacillates between fire and flooding. Despite those swings, and the gravitational pull of an industry looking toward the future while still rooted in its past, the inexorable pull of performance keeps rearing its rev-happy head. And nowhere is that more clearly evident […]

A Trike-fecta: America Welcomes The 3-Wheeler

The 3-wheeled automotive footprint is anything but new. When designing his Benz Patent Motorwagen in the mid-1880s, Karl drew it with three wheels. And when H.F.S. Morgan put a version of his personal vehicle into production around 1911, it too featured three wheels. But despite the age of the concept – or perhaps because of […]

Toyota’s All-New Supra: A 20th Century Icon Receives an Of-This-Century Refresh

It’s been almost a generation since Toyota produced its last-generation Supra and 21 years since that Supra last appeared on U.S. showrooms. At this January’s North American Auto Show in Detroit, an all-new Supra was unveiled. The newest Supra will make its showroom debut – as a 2020 model – this summer. Although enjoying a […]

Porsche’s 917 @ 50: Sturm und Drang

March 12th will be exactly fifty years since Porsche first displayed its 917 in public, where one lone example sat on the Porsche stand at Geneva. Five weeks later, Porsche would show Commission Sportive Internationale (CSI) inspectors 25 complete examples in Stuttgart; those 25 constituted the necessary minimum to compete in the International Championship of […]

Fueling the Collector Car Hobby

There are few events in the world that illicit the same passion for the collector car hobby like Collector Car Auction week in Scottsdale, Arizona. Every January collectors from around the world, along with top OEMs and high profile builders, descend like sunshine on the desert oasis to ring in the New Year with the […]

North Texas Company Selling Car Condos Breaking New Ground to Meet Demand

A relatively new business catering to car enthusiasts is taking off across North Texas. On the outside, Garages of Texas looks like any other storage facility. But inside are classic and luxury cars with price-tags reaching millions. Think of it as the ultimate man cave – with like-minded hobbyists nearby. “It’s like a boat marina […]

Garages of Texas – Exclusive Automobile Home for your Classic, Collector or Exotic Vehicle

Garages of Texas – Exclusive Automobile Home for your Classic, Collector or Exotic Vehicle Golfers have their place at the club, pilots have their place at the hangar… now MotorSports Enthusiasts have their place at Garages of Texas. If your passion has outgrown your garage, and you want a safe, friendly environment to enjoy that […]

Luxury Garage Suites You Own!

Introducing Garages of Texas, a community of first-class, affordable, completely customizable garage suites.   Here, you don’t rent space. You buy it. And that means exactly what you think. When you buy a garage suite, you receive a deed, title insurance, and all the perks of commercial real estate ownership—your space builds equity and you have […]

Amazing buildouts: ‘Man-cave’ condos for your car coming to Katy soon

Amazing buildouts: ‘Man-cave’ condos for your car coming to Katy soon The ultimate ride requires the ultimate garage, and a new ‘man-cave’ community seeks to answer that need in the Katy area. Garages of Texas gives car enthusiasts a chance to purchase and build out the garage of their dreams, surrounded by other dream garage owners. […]